Kaiso Legacy calypso rock
African Ibibio dialect

THE KAISO LEGACY QUARTET gives hommage to the great calypso classics of Trinidad and Tobago in their own special way.The word "KASIO" comes from the African Ibibio dialect " kaa iso, " which means " to go on " or " to continue. "

MARK DOPSON was born and grew up in Trinidad with the music of both his grand father Syl, and his father Wayne.Both respected and awarded icons of this musical artform.

Calypso music has diverse origins. One being the religious canticles and early musette brought to the islands by the French.Today Mark lives in France, along side Vassy, Mougel, Frelezeau and Bailles, together they offer a different colour when playing Trinbagonian classics of yesteryear.

A fresh perspective, modern in its' energy, behold a prodigal son returning to Europe even stronger, further evolved with African and South American genes.
May the legacy of Calypso live on...

Concert Sous les cerisiers / Kaiso Legacy au Chateau de Clermont - 23 août 2014 à 19h00

Original Songs

• Kaiso ( Kaiso Legacy)

• Et si Mama ( Kaiso Legacy )

• Tobago ( Kaiso Legacy )

• Takikardie ( Kaiso Legacy )

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Some covers

• Bassman Winston Bailey ( The Mighty Shadow )

• Mathilda Norman Span ( King Radio )

• Sugar Bum Bum ! Aldwin Roberts ( Lord Kitchener )


Musicians .

MarK Dopson : Lead Vocal, cuatro, guitars
David Mougel : Keyboards, vocals
Robin Vassy : Percussions,, Vocals
Jean-Pierre Frelezeau : Drums
Eric Bailles : Bass, Eub,, vocals

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